About Us

Our history

At Gaia Surf Camp, you become part of an exciting project born out of a love for surfing and a desire to share the excitement with you. Discover more about our journey and our commitment to providing you with an exceptional surf camp experience.

Surf the waves of Gaia with our team! We are a group of passionate surfers who eat, sleep, and dream about the epic waves in the Gaia and Porto region. With over 30 years of mastering these waves, our passion for surfing runs deep. We live for the thrill of catching waves, immersing ourselves in the relaxed vibes, and being one with the ocean. Join us for an unforgettable surf experience where joy is contagious, and good times never end. Let’s dive into surfing together and let the ocean be our playground.

Meet the Team

Name: Pedro Alves
Age: 45
Location: Vila Nova de Gaia
Surfer: 30 years, Bodyboard, Surf, Longboard, Sup, Skate, Snowboard
Profession: Surf coach for 22 years, Level I FPS certification
Travel destinations: Azores, Madeira, Reunion Island, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Morocco, U.S., Bali, Spain, France
Favorite wave: Salgueiros Island
Favorite maneuver: Tube
Music: Heavy Metal, Indie, Reggae
Food: Codfish, Fish, Francesinha (Portuguese sandwich)
Favorite drink: Beer, Gin
Favorite country: Portugal

Name: Mário Barroso
Age: 44
Location: Vila Nova de Gaia
Surfer: 31 years, bodyboarding, surfing, longboard, SUP, skate, snowboard
Profession: Surf coach for 9 years, Level 1 ASI and FPS Surf certifications. Level 2 FPS certification
Travel destinations: Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, U.S., Philippines, Morocco, Taiwan, Madeira, and Azores
Favorite wave: Salgueiros Island
Favorite maneuver: Tube
Music: Alternative/Reggae
Favorite food: Barbecue
Favorite drink: Super Bock (Portuguese beer)
Favorite country: Portugal